What are Favicons?

A favicon is the spiffy little icon that appears on some Websites in the address bar. Depending on your browser they may also be seen in the window tab and your bookmark folder. The name favicon comes from "Favorites Icon" which was started in early versions of Internet Explorer that placed the favicon next to the Website title in the Favorites area. Today favicons can be seen on most modern browsers. They can be used to jazz up your site to visitors and create a branding experience for your users.

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Experts recommend favicons to build brand recognition and for a professional look to your site...

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Today it is possible to create both static and animated favicons. You'll need a modern browser like Firefox 2 or 3 to view animated favicons. Try our free service to generate your own favicon files that you can download and use on your site right away!

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  • Instant brand recognition
  • Boost your Website's look and feel
  • Easy to setup
  • Free

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Tip:  The term Favicon means "Favorites Icon", originally coined by Internet Explorer.

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