What exactly is a favicon?
A favicon is that stylish little icon that is displayed in your browser next to the website address (See the sample picture above). If you're wondering where the name came from then its short for "Favourites Icon". Its called that because if your visitors bookmark your site, then the favicon will show up in bookmarks or favorites folder next to your site title.

Why would I want one then?
Most professional websites usually have them so having one will not only put your site alongside the pros but also help distinguish you from the rest. Favicons make your site stand out especially in long bookmark lists. Remember users may have hundreds of bookmarks, so make yours stand out!

How do I get one?
If you want one then it's extremely easy with our favicon creator. All you need is an image (any size will do, but for best results use a smallish image), submit it using the form below and after a couple of seconds you'll get your image back compressed and resized for use as a favicon. It really is that simple!

Which browsers are favicons compatible with?
Most current versions of modern browsers support favicons. Some examples include Internet Explorer 5/6/7/8, Firefox 1/2/3, Mozilla 1/2+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+, Avant 1.1+, Konqueror 3+, Safari, Google Chrome, and many more.

Which browsers support animated favicons?
Currently Firefox is the main browser to support animated favicons. Internet Explorer will not show them correctly and will show a static image instead. We recommend using both the static .ico and the animated .gif in cases where you want to use the animated icon, as this provides the best browser coverage.

What size are favicons?
The typical size of a favicon is 16 x 16 pixels, however it is possible to also use 32 x 32 pixel icons as well.

What format are favicons?
The default favicon format is Windows .ico format, however the standard has evolved and you can also use .gif images. Animated favicons are only possible when using animated .gif images.

Can I build my own favicon?
Yes, but you will need some specialized software. In order to generate Windows .ico formats you will need a standalone icon creation program. The easiest way to creat favicons is with our free service here at

Favicon Creation Tips

Tips for favicons
For best results, try to use simpler, iconic shapes and use smaller artwork for generating the favicon. Smaller sizes will resize better (remember you are trying to get the final favicon artwork down to 32x32 and 16x16 pixels). Photographs can work as well, but again, more contrasty photos will work the best.

Make Favicons & Animated Favicons

Today it is possible to create both static and animated favicons. You'll need a modern browser like Firefox 2 or 3 to view animated favicons. Try our free service to generate your own favicon files that you can download and use on your site right away!

Benefits of our Favicon Maker Service

  • Instant brand recognition
  • Boost your Website's look and feel
  • Easy to setup
  • Free

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Tip:  The term Favicon means "Favorites Icon", originally coined by Internet Explorer.

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